CSCarlson Art & Design

Carrie Carlson is a Chicagoland native and returned home after graduating from Luther College, Decorah, IA (BA: Biology & Art) and the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (MFA: Scientific Illustration).  She is a high school educator at Thornton Township H.S. District 205 where she has taught Drawing, Visual Design, Painting, Intro to Art, Honors Biology, Biomedical Sciences, and Horticulture.  She is also a freelance illustrator for Hayden-McNeil Publishing (science textbooks).

Artist Statement

As a scientific illustrator, art and science are tightly twined together in my life and I am inspired to celebrate this through botanical studies, landscapes and portraits of nature’s winged creatures.  Often my goal is to reveal a bit of the wonderment I find in simple subjects by drawing attention to something beautiful or unique about them that might normally be overlooked or taken for granted.  I am especially interested in raising awareness about our native flora and fauna populations.   

Field sketching is a cornerstone of scientific illustration.  I cannot imagine visiting the local zoo, much less traveling abroad, without a sketchbook.  Travel and field sketching generate a deeper appreciation for humanity and the planet.  Drawing forces us to slow down, to notice, reflect, cherish, consider… What shakes out is a driving responsibility to protect human rights and a passionate environmentalism.